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About Us

Make-it.co is an online learning and examination coaching and revision website for students preparing for all public examinations, such as the GCE. It is also a platform for personal development for individuals and Business development for start-ups. Make-it.co is an online learning platform that allows students to view past examination questions, get coaching about examinations from experienced examiners, and coaches, watch videos answering selected questions, interact with other learners through a blog, and learn new skills to help them grow. 

Our Vision

“To be the best 21st century provider of online examination guidance, and personal development for students and business owners.”

Our Mission

“Making learning and personal development rewarding and fun.”








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Our instructors are carefully selected based on a track record of commitment, expertise, impact, and continuous improvement. As a learner, you can interact on a personal basis with our instructors who are always ready to help.