How to defend your internship report

25 Apr 2019 in Study Guide for HND

                                     How to defend your internship report

Defending your internship report can be a very scary and stressful task. The idea of sitting or standing in front of a panel of people (mostly strangers) can scare many. What would they think of you? What if you forgot everything you had planned to say? What if you mess up? All these questions can make you very tense as you prepare to defend your internship report.

But there’s good news for you. You can be exceptional at your defense. But how can you make this happen?

Here are some tips to quell the anxiety and make the process run smoothly.

1.     Know Your Material. The best place to start is preparation.                                                              

Preparation is always key. Read every section of your work and master it. Do not try to memorize the words in your report but rather the main points and ideas. This kind of preparation will quell the anxiety and make you more confident.

2.     Prepare Visual Aids: Even very experienced speakers need an outline to remind them of the ideas they want to develop during a delivery. If you do not have the opportunity of using a projector, prepare visual aids (flash cards). Flash cards are small pieces of papers the size of a sticky note. You can make your own flash cards from an A4 sheet. These are easier to manage than a whole report of many pages.

Caution: Do not include too much information on your flash cards. It suffices to simply outline the main sub sections of your report.

3.     Rehearse: Practice makes perfect! Make sure you rehearse your presentation with your flash cards many times over. The more you rehearse, the more confident you’ll become. So start rehearsing now!

4.     Relax: Stress is definitely not good for your presentation. Take a deep breath, relax your shoulders and remember that you’re there to tell the panel what YOU did during your internship. Remember that you know your report more than anyone else. Remember that you undertook the internship. Now, smile and give your defense your best.

5.     Present your report: Now you’re all set to defend your report. It is your report-do not forget. Start by saying a greeting to the panel and going straight to introducing yourself and your report. Highlight the content for the report and start with the first section. Remember to use your flash cards! Avoid phrases like “We’ll go now to the activities carried out.” Rather, it would be better to say “The activities carried out during my internship included…” Remember to stay within the time limit!  At the end of your presentation, thank the jury and wait for questions. Answer all questions directly. Do not try to twist your responses.

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