How to teach on MakeIt

8 May 2019 in How to use MakeIt

Here is how to start teaching on MakeIt:

1.    Open on your browser.

2.    On the top right of the page, click on Login to gain access to your personal account.

3.    On the top right corner, click on Dashboard to be taken to your personal instructor account.


4. On the top left of your account, click on the 3 lines to reveal the menu.


 5. Click on Topics to start adding your material.

 6. Click on Add content to see the options.

 7. Click on the type of content you’re about to add.


8. Add your content and click on Save. Do not forget to add the cost, the duration (how much time needed to complete learning), and to upload the material.

 Congratulations! You can now start earning money by teaching learners from all over the world!!

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